Data Management for Higher Education


Upcoming Conferences

  • Association of Institutional Research Forum on May 28 - June 1 in Orlando
  • Jenzabar Annual Meeting (JAM) on May 30 - June 2 in Nashville, TN
  • SUNY Technology Conference on June 18 - 21 in Lake Placid, NY
  • Slate Innovation Summit on June 28 - 29 in Chicago, IL
  • Educause Annual Conference October 30 to November 2 in Denver, CO

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Upcoming Webinars

  • Wed., June 13 - Getting Started with Data Governance 3-4pm Eastern
  • Tue., June 19 - The Data Cookbook and a Pragmatic Approach for Implementing Data Governance 2-3pm Eastern
  • Thurs., July 12 - The Data Cookbook and a Pragmatic Approach for Implementing Data Governance 1-2pm Eastern

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Quick Summary of What is Data Governance and Key Best Practices

We are often asked about data governance such as what is it and what are some key best practices in data governance.  This post summarizes our thoughts on this. We have many recorded webinars that are available on these topics that will go into more detail. What is Data Governance? (If you would rather see a vid ...

Webinar Schedule for Data Governance Series Announced

We have had a great response to our data governance webinar series and have now firmed up the schedule for the rest of the calendar year. Some of the sessions are repeats from before but there are a many new sessions to enjoy and learn from. Our goal is to educate higher education institutions on data governance so tha ...


IData Attending Two Leading Higher Education Events in May, 2018

IData is looking forward to attending the following events in May, 2018: the Association of Institutional Research Forum and the Jenzabar Annual Meeting (JAM) . Both events allow us to engage with clients and others in higher education to discuss data governance, integration and technology. Association of Institutio ...

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