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IData’s Integration Services and Tools
System integration with higher education applications can be a challenge. There are many different vendors, agencies and internal systems that need to connect with an institution’s enterprise data. The myriad of applications and ERP systems can make management of multiple direct “one-off” integrations nearly impossible. To simplify this process, IData has brought their years of higher education integration services and their innovative product development skills together to create the IDataHub. The IDataHub is designed to be an integration middleware layer between the higher education ERP systems and the universe of third-party data consumers and providers.

With the IDataHub, we can create a robust integration layer to standardize your web services and batch file integrations. This generic platform is designed with connectors to most ERP application and database layers. With our experienced services team, IData can work with an institution to design and develop transformations and custom APIs for almost any type of data exchange.

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More About the IDataHub
IDataHub, a unique blend of open-source and proprietary components, was developed specifically for higher-education data systems and the unique challenges they present.

The IDataHub acts as a web services or batch interface for your existing applications, allowing them to communicate securely with other systems. The IDataHub can call existing APIs within your ERP. If your ERP system does not have APIs available to meet your needs, IData can help you design and build custom APIs.

The IDataHub can be deployed in several different configurations to work with your institution’s system architecture.