What is a Hubbit?

A Hubbit is a packaged system integration solution that is deployed as a set of standardized, configurable, and extendable connectors built on top of the IDataHub integration platform.   If you think of the IDataHub as an integration device, then you can think of the Hubbits as the integration “Apps” that are installed on the IDataHub device (similar to apps on an iPhone).   The connectors are annually licensed and include support and maintenance to ensure they continue to work as the integrated systems change.


NoodleBus -

IData, working with Noodle Partners has developed a suite of open higher education data standards. To support these standards with a practical solution, IData offers a catalog of packaged connectors to the standards on the IDataHub ESB (enterprise service bus). These standards are initially designed to simplify the integration of vendors supporting online program management needs (Admissions, Recruiting, LMS, Retention, and Analytics). However, the standards are continuing to expand to include most integration requirements for an institution. NoodleBus Data Sheet

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Radius Hubbits

IData, as an integration partner of Hobsons, has developed a packaged SIS integration solution for any customer moving to Hobsons Radius. This solution includes simple, configurable, and extensible bi-directional connectors between the Radius CRM and most Student Information Systems (Banner, Colleague, PeopleSoft, Campus Management, Jenzabar EX, CAMS, and PowerCampus). IData offers a very affordable package with annual support and maintenance, as well as a comprehensive and rapid implementation service. Contact us to learn about our special Radius migration pricing.

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