Brian Parish, CEO and Founder

As CEO and founder of IData, Inc., Brian is a well-respected thought leader in the information technology (IT), data governance, and institutional research (IR) for higher education. Brian has worked directly with over 500 colleges and universities to increase their productivity with creative and innovative technology solutions. Since 1995, Brian has had the opportunity to work with most of the major higher education ERP systems, many reporting tools, and integrations with countless vendors used by higher education institutions.

Ken Dezio, CTO

As IData’s Chief Technology Officer, he heads the company’s Innovative Products Division and is responsible for creating exciting new software applications such as the Data Cookbook and the IDataHub. He has over 20 years of experience designing, developing, and consulting on higher education administrative software and has worked with a variety of different systems, languages, and tools. Ken has a MS in Technology Management from George Mason University and a BS in Chemistry from University of Maryland.

Marla Ballenger, COO

Marla is the Chief Operating Officer of IData, Incorporated with a primary focus on the company’s operations, including the project management office, finance, HR, general admin, marketing, event management and logistics, strategic and operational planning, and product management. She has over 20 years of industry and IT consulting experience in package implementations, integrations and custom application development. She has worked with multiple student information systems including Banner, Oracle and PeopleSoft. Marla has worked in various roles including project director, project manager, functional analyst, technical analyst and developer. Marla was also the head of the implementation services group at a startup SaaS SIS provider where she oversaw the implementation and data migration projects for all clients.