Continuing Focus on Data Quality at Higher Education Institutions

IData Inc., proven leaders in data governance at higher education institutions, is continuing its efforts to improve data quality for those in the higher education community with expert content.

Previously, IData has involved data quality in its data governance webinar series including a session on "Documenting and Monitoring Your Data Quality Rules".  This webinar and others in the series can be found on the recorded webinar page of the IData website.

Recently, IData has published blog posts related to data quality including ones on data quality programs and content on its Insights blog.  Watch for at least 4 more blog posts on data quality coming in the near future including those on improvement thoughts, data quality related communication, person responsibilities and brainstorming.

There are several videos regarding data quality which can be found on the Data Cookbook channel of YouTube including those on data quality process and sources.

Also watch out for the upcoming data quality ebook which includes action items on improving data quality at an institution.

Data governance related resources can be found on IData's resources page located at

Improved data quality gains efficiency and improves data-driven decision making.

About the Author

Jim is a long time marketing professional in the higher education and technology market place.