Data Governance Best Practices Webinars Planned for February and March

IData has firmed up its scheduled of educational webinars for the next few months. It begins with a series of six 30 minute data governance best practices sessions starting on Monday, February 22nd. Here is the schedule of webinars:

02/22/21 Data System Inventory Best Practices
03/01/21 Data Catalog Best Practices
03/08/21 Business Glossary Best Practices
03/15/21 Data Quality Best Practices
03/22/21 Reference Data Best Practices
03/29/21 Report and ETL Specification Best Practices

All of these Monday best practices webinars start at 1pm Eastern (10am Pacific).

Also on the schedule are six one hour demo webinars of Data Cookbook features related to these best practices. Here is the schedule for these webinars:

02/24/21 Data Cookbook Data System Inventory Features
03/03/21 Data Cookbook Data Catalog Features
03/10/21 Data Cookbook Business Glossary Features
03/17/21 Data Cookbook Data Quality Features
03/24/21 Data Cookbook Reference Data Features
03/31/21 Data Cookbook Report and ETL Specification Features

All of these feature demo webinars start at 2pm Eastern (11am Pacific).

More information and registration for any of these webinars can be found at

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