Data Governance Framework

Data Governance Framework

Data governance is the discipline of cataloging and defining important data, assigning ownership of data and incorporating governance of data into the everyday business process.


With services by IData experts, data governance can be implemented efficiently and effectively at a higher education institution which:

  • Ensures that data is accurate, can be found, that its meaning is understood and trusted
  • Empowers stakeholders to use data to answer questions with confidence in the results and allows for better decision making
  • With better decision making, improves student outcomes, increases staff satisfaction and has financial savings

Answers to Important Questions

Data governance answers these 10 important questions:

  1. Where does our data come from?
  2. Can I trust our data?
  3. Who understands and manages our data?
  4. How should business terms and data elements be defined?
  5. Who has access to our data?
  6. How is data transformed from system to system across the enterprise?
  7. How is one data element related to another?
  8. What is our report request process?
  9. What is this report for?
  10. Are we in compliance with laws regarding our governance of data?


At IData, our data governance practice is built for higher education institutions, and comes with years of experience providing data governance solutions to these institutions. These solutions include both services and technology helping institutions establish data governance:

  • Strategy
  • Organization development
  • Responsibilities
  • Policies
  • Procedures
  • Standards

We offer a comprehensive and inclusive institutional approach to data governance including:

  • Maturity assessment
  • Strategy and vision
  • Road map development and best practices
  • Establishing standards and policy
  • Organization development

Or a tactical approach focused on building skills of the front line data knowledge worker, like data stewards, focused on “just in time data governance” including:

  • Establishing definitional standards and policy
  • Business process optimization for working groups, data stewards and information consumers
  • Hands on workshops and coaching


IData has created data governance resources (recorded webinars, blog posts, videos, etc.) that are available for use in an organization's data governance efforts.

Click here for the data governance resources page.


Click here to access the Data Cookbook Community which contains a wealth of data management information.

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