IData Attending Two Leading Higher Education Events in May, 2018

IData is looking forward to attending the following events in May, 2018: the Association of Institutional Research Forum and the Jenzabar Annual Meeting (JAM) . Both events allow us to engage with clients and others in higher education to discuss data governance, integration and technology.

Association of Institutional Research Forum is May 28th to June 1st in Orlando, Florida. The Jenzabar Annual Meeting (JAM) is May 30th thru June 2nd and is in Nashville, TN. During JAM, Brian Parish, CEO of IData Inc., will be doing a session titled "Getting Started with Data Governance."

With conference attendance as well as educational webinars, IData continues its efforts to inform and assist higher education institutions on technology issues including data governance and integration.

About the Author

Jim is a long time marketing professional in the higher education and technology market place.