IData Sponsors AIR Virtual Event

IData is excited to again be partaking in the AIR Forum event. This year it is virtual and IData is a sponsor for the event. We'll will be holding table time in the virtual exhibit hall. IData has provided an on-demand session titled "What They Want. Understanding and Supporting Your Institution’s Broader Perspectives on Data Governance Needs".

Here is a description for the session:

Historically, Institutional Research (IR) has been the primary advocate for data governance at an institution. This has been driven by the IR team's need for collaboration between many different departments to deliver institution-level data that is accurate, effective and well understood. The most common data governance action taken by IR was to focus on development of a business glossary. Recently, however, discussions of data governance needs have been originating from other areas in the institution. Unfortunately, these broader governance needs are rarely served by a business glossary alone. This can lead to loss of momentum and adoption in the IR governance initiatives and either overall paralysis in data governance planning or silo-ed initiatives that often conflict. This presentation by IData looks at this broader data governance perspective and teaches you how to avoid conflict and loss of momentum as well as leverage this new interest into stronger institution-wide data governance for all.

If you are involved with Institutional Research or Assessment and have not done so, please register for the event at

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