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Data Integration Platform for
Higher Education 

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The IDataHub is a data integration platform designed for connecting the ecosystem of higher education technologies to an institution’s administrative system including: SaaS products,  legacy systems, business intelligence (BI) systems, data  warehouses, and other third party applications on campus or within the cloud. 




Configurable integrations components included in IDataHub  platform are for a growing set of higher education related  system vendors. Integration apps (Hubbits) are downloadable.  



When a system updates their API’s, the institution’s data  structures and integrations could break. IData, with its vendor relationships, proactively adjusts integrations before system updates.



Years of higher education integration experience and vendor partnerships has allowed IData to develop the IDataHub integration solution. IData provides superior support for the IDataHub with a knowledgeable staff. 



Institutions could be vulnerable if a staff member who developed home grown integration leaves the organization. Difficult  for higher education IT professionals to be experts in different systems and the intricacies of how they can/should  work together. IDataHub solves these issues. 



  • Integration platform that automates, translates,  and manages connections  between multiple point-to point systems 

  • Eliminates challenge of  system integration with higher education applications 

  • Works with business logic of leading higher education  student information systems 

  • Adjustments proactively done  when systems are changed 

  • Supported by IData services  team with strong higher  education experience and integration expertise 

  • Save staff time with growing set of configurable  connectors 

Contact us to get a copy of the most recent  IDataHub Server Requirements Guide.

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