IData’s experienced team knows your administrative systems and understand the business of higher education. Our unique approach to institutional reporting is designed to help your institution develop the tools and processes needed to get the answers you need out of your data. The following services are available to help your institution succeed:

Data Governance and Reporting Process Services

Institutions are blessed with an abundance of data and multiple reporting tools. However, these assets are often underused or untrusted. At IData, we focus on helping higher education institutions make of the most of their data through effective data management and data governance. IData offers a set of innovative services to help you assess, understand, build, and manage your data and reporting environment:

  • Data management assessments and workshops
  • Building data governance organizational structures
  • Implementing data management and reporting processes
  • Reporting and data warehouse development (agile iterations and project-based)
  • Report migrations (moving to new reporting systems)
  • Requirements and design for reporting and data analysis projects
  • Implementation and training for the Data Cookbook (IData’s data management tool)


The Data Cookbook

As part of a suite of reporting services, IData has developed an online service to assist institutions in communicating and defining their reporting terms and report definitions.


Your Own Data Management Team

As schools think seriously about data management, they soon realize that a good data management initiative takes time and energy. While the Data Cookbook helps to simplify and reduce the overall effort, many of our customers tell us that they wish they had more or their own team to focus on data management at their institution. IData has heard you, and we now offer a service to give your institution a dedicated team to focus on your data management needs. The team includes a data management consultant and project manager that can focus tasks such as:

  • On-going administration and data steward services for the data cookbook
  • Creation and/or review of new reporting requirements
  • Populating the Data Cookbook with legacy specifications and definitions
  • Data management process improvements
  • Training and outreach in data management and the data cookbook
  • Other support as needed (functional, technical, or project)


Project-based Institutional Research and Reporting Services

If your institution is faced with a larger project, such as implementing a new reporting strategy or recreating a new fact book, then IData can provide experienced resources to assist in all aspects of the process. With our project-based services, we can provide a time and materials proposal that describes how IData can help your institution complete the project successfully.

How are IData services delivered?

IData offers project-based, staff augmentation, and agile iteration services.

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