isyoursystemdoing-bubbleAt IData Inc., our consultants work with higher education institutions to do incredible things with administrative and education technology. If your institution has great ideas for amazing applications or system enhancements, IData can help make it a reality.  IData’s higher education technology consulting team has helped many schools create innovative solutions for their campuses. IData’s developers, analysts, and project managers have worked with all of the major student systems and have a deep understanding of higher education data and business needs.

Custom Programming and Analysis

Data staff has years of implementation experience in creating custom programming solutions for higher education. Our talented team of problem solvers can work with you to create an innovative, robust solution that integrates with your core enterprise systems.

Web/Mobile Application Development

IData combines our experience with system integration, custom higher education ERP development, and web development to create innovative mobile or web applications for your institution. Combining web services integrations with mobile or web platforms, we can help an institution create exciting new services for its campus community. For mobile application development, such as iPhone or Droid apps, we have partnered with industry leading mobile development firms to bring a complete and rapidly deployable solution.

Agile Technical Staffing Services

doyouhavehelp-bubbleIf you are like most institutions, you have a long list of technical tasks and projects that could use attention.  Finding the right resource, getting started, and managing those projects can seem daunting.   Don’t worry.  IData can help.   IData’s agile technical staffing services puts a full-time programmer/analyst on your projects focused on immediate and iterative deliverables.   The work is done in weekly iterations with a standing deliverable review and planning session.  An IData iteration lead is included in the engagement to work with your team and the IData developer and manage the goals, outcomes, and communications. Each iteration is charged with a flat, affordable weekly rate.   You can use as many or few iterations as desired to reduce your backlog of projects and get back on track.

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Data Migration Services

IData can work with your team during an enterprise system implementation to migrate your legacy data into the new system. In addition to mapping and developing, we also provide business process analysis, testing coordination, documentation, and go-live support.

Project Management

Using the Project Management Institute’s (PMI) methodology, IData can help to bring your project to completion on schedule, on budget, and within scope.

Business Process Analysis

Project success begins with good requirements. Our extensive experience in the higher education environment allows us to work closely with both users and IT staff to identify accurate, appropriate, and achievable requirements.

How are IData services delivered?

IData offers project-based, staff augmentation, and agile iteration services.

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