The Data Cookbook

The Data Cookbook is a collaborative data dictionary and data governance tool for higher education. Features include:

  • Data Dictionary
  • Report Specifications
  • Report Request / Change Workflow
  • Data Governance Workflow
  • Data Quality Rules / Resolution Workflow
  • Data System Inventory / Technical Metadata
  • Advanced Specification Templates
  • Collaboration with Other Institutions, Vendors and Agencies


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The IDataHub

The IDataHub is a data integration platform designed for connecting the ecosystem of higher education technologies to an institution’s administrative (ERP) system. IData uses the IDataHub to develop custom integrations for colleges as well as packaged integration solutions with vendor partners. With the IDataHub, you can connect your ERP system with SaaS Products, legacy systems, BI systems, data warehouses, and other third party applications on campus or within the cloud.

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Featured IDataHub Integration Connectors

Taks a closer look at the following packaged integrations (Hubbits)....

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Product Support

Data Cookbook Support

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  • Email:
IDataHub/Integration Support:

  • Phone: 703.378.2110 - Press "2"
  • Email: