Noodle Bus Retention

API Documentation:


Retention Architecture:


Retention Transactions (overview)

Catalog Info:

  • Get Terms - Institution and Term info
  • Get Sections - Section/Catalog info by term


Faculty and Staff:

  • Get Staff - Staff/Faculty/Advisors
  • Get Advising Relationship - Advising Relationship
  • Get Teaching - Teaching


Student Academic Records

  • Get Students - Students/student programs/Student Term info
  • Get Enrollments - Student enrollments and grades for current and transcripted sections and terms.


Student Engagement

  • Get Assignments - Assignments (LMS Only)
  • Get Attendance - Attendance (LMS Only)
  • Get Engagement - Engagement (LMS Only)


Group Batch Push

  • Push Retention (all files) - Group Batch for all files. Sends CSV flat files with same data found in each of the above GET commands.



Retention Core Database ERD