IData, has developed a suite of packaged connectors for an automated, bi-directional integration between Salesforce and the various higher ed student information systems. The connectors are a set of configurable plugins that run on the IDataHub middleware platform which monitors and audits the health of the integrations. The IDataHub resides securely within the institution’s firewall and presents batch or webservice connections to Salesforce and other popular education technology vendors. The Salesforce Connector is supported, easily customizable, and continuously enhanced by a trusted higher ed integrator.

The Salesforce Connector works with the following Student Information Systems:

  • Banner by Ellucian
  • Colleague by Ellucian
  • Jenzabar EX
  • Peoplesoft


  • Rapid and affordable implementation
  • Packaged solution that is also customizable and configurable
  • Leverages IData’s experience integrating higher education and admissions data since 2004
  • Proactive maintenance and improvements as systems change
  • IDataHub platform delivers robust automation, monitoring, and notifications
  • Partnerships with all of the market leading Student Information Systems


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