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Payment Plans

Market leading integration between ACI Worldwide and your student information system (SIS): supported, easily customizable and continuously developed and enhanced by a trusted higher education integrator.

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IData has developed a suite of packaged connectors for an automated, bi-directional integration between the ACI Worldwide Payment Plan and Ellucian Banner and Colleague SIS systems.  IData has been integrating ACI since 2013.  The connector validates a student's identity, retrieves student's account balance and pending Financial Aid in real time, updates/posts student's accounts for installment payments, updates/posts non AR fees such as application, service, late and NSF payments as well as refunds. The ACI Worldwide Payments Connector is a set of configurable plugins that run on the IDataHub integration platform.


  • Rapid and affordable implementation


  • Secure, fully automated bi-directional Integration


  • Pre-built Connectors leverage the existing business logic in your student information system


  • Configurable to align with institution business policies (examples)


  • Data validation, error handling, notifications and monitoring 


  • Built-in handling of extended (custom) data


  • Fully supported and maintained solution, continuously developed to keep pace with system changes


  • Proactive ongoing support, maintenance, and enhancements

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