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IData and Data Cookbook are Sponsor of Educause's Improving Data Quality and Governance Showcase

June 26, 2024 - IData and the Data Cookbook are a sponsor of Educause's Improving Data Quality and Governance Showcase. Higher education has never had so much data and such useful technology to help inform decision-making. So why is there a struggle with the basics of data governance and quality? The showcase about this begins on July 8th.

As part of the showcase there is a webinar on Thursday, July 11th at 2pm Eastern. In this webinar about "Improving Data Quality and Governance" hear from institutional and industry leaders about:

* How to work with institutional leadership to drive culture change around data governance.

* Why process, culture, and outcomes―and not technology―drive data quality and governance initiatives, and what institutions have learned from their data journeys.

* How to staff your institution and build a culture that elevates data as a strategic asset.

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