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Wealth of Resources on Data Governance/Data Intelligence Topics and Components Available

January 5, 2023 - IData has created a great deal of resources (blog posts, videos, and recorded webinars) related to a variety of topics and components in data governance (or what we call data intelligence) that is available to everyone. Topics include: getting started with data governance, trust in data, just-in-time data governance , people (related to data governance), system integration, linking data governance with technology projects, adoption/ROI of data governance, data governance assessments / roadmaps, training / communication and reporting / analytics (related to data governance). Components include: data system inventory, data request, data stewardship, reference data, data lineage, business glossary, data processing (report) catalog, and data quality.

A blog post that links you to posts with resources for each of these topic and component areas is located at Additional topics and components will be added to this blog post as they become available.

If data is part of your day-to-day activities, then please take advantage of these resources that we have created over the past few years during our time of implementing data governance solutions. Hope you find these resources useful. Feel free to check out our complete data governance resources page by accessing

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