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Education for All Organizations - Notice of Additions to Data Governance Resources Page

August 28, 2020 - This past month IData made new blog post additions as well as YouTube channel video additions to its library of educational resources, best practices, and insights about data governance. These resources are available to all organizations, no matter their size or market, and can be accessed at:

This past month, blog posts were published on various topics including those on reference data, data system inventory, data lineage and helping people with data guidance. Recent videos included those on people roles, handling collisions of definitions, reference data, business glossary content and data quality.

Resources on the data governance resources page include:

Recorded Webinars – Access IData's entire recorded webinar series (over 30 recordings) on pragmatic data governance and the snack-sized webinar series (15 recordings)

Videos – View data governance related videos that are in our YouTube Channel (100+ videos)

Blog Posts – Peruse over 100 blog posts, which address a variety of data governance topics

Feel free to take advantage of these informative resources at

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