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Boost Your Data Literacy With Easily Found Topic Specific Data Governance Resources

July 21, 2021 - IData has made it easier to find data governance and data intelligence-related resources with the creation of blog posts that feature the resources (recorded webinars, blog posts, videos, and eBooks) around a specific topic. These posts can be accessed below:

Data System Inventory - Resources to Make It Happen

Need Help with Your Business Glossary? Here are Some Resources to Help

Resources for Life Cycle of Data Requests

Here are Some Resources Regarding Reference Data Lists

The Many Parts of Data Quality (and Resources)

Data Stewardship is Critical - Here are Some Resources

Need Help with System Integration? Check Out Our Resources!

Starting Data Governance? Here are Some Helpful Resources

Need Better Trust in Your Data? Here are Some Resources to Help

Resources for Just-in-Time Data Governance

Availability of Data Governance Reporting and Analytics Resources

Want to Know More About Data Governance Assessments and Roadmaps? Here's Some Resources

Adoption and Return on Investment are Important for Data Governance. Here are Some Resources

Hope you find these resources useful.

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