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IData Announces Webinars for Beginning of 2022

December 23, 2021 - We are always looking at providing data governance and data intelligence-related education to those at organizations of all sizes and types. Here are some of the webinars that will be coming up in early 2022:

  • 01/19/22, Wednesday at 2pm Eastern - Getting Started with Data Governance and Data Intelligence

  • 01/25/22, Tuesday at 2pm Eastern - Answers to Your Data Cookbook Architecture, Integration and Security Questions

  • 02/02/22, Wednesday at 2pm Eastern - How to Build Support and Enthusiasm for Data Governance and Data Intelligence at Your Organization

  • 03/22/22, Tues. at 2pm Eastern - Some Tips and Best Practices for Institutional Research Staff on Writing Great Business Glossary Definitions

Register for any of the webinars at

Stay tuned as more webinars are in the planning stages. We hope that you can join us for these educational sessions. If you can not join during the specified time, go ahead and register and you will be sent the link to the recording.

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