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Notification of Upcoming Data Governance-related Educational Webinars

June 17, 2020 - Here are the educational webinars by IData experts (all 30 minutes in duration) that are coming up for the remainder of June and for July:

  • Tues., June 23 - Representing Your Reporting Data Model in Data Cookbook

  • Thurs., June 25 - Why Having a Data Quality Issue Reporting Process is So Valuable

  • Thurs., July 2 - Tips for Writing Great Business Glossary Definitions

  • Wed., July 8 - Managing Changes to Reference Data Lists

  • Tues, July 14 - Responsibility of a Data Governance Leadership & Oversight Committee

  • Thurs., July 16 - Pragmatic Tips for Data Governance Oversight

  • Wed., July 22 - Best Practices for Leveraging Data Governance During Major ERP Implementations

Times and registration for any of the webinars is located at

Hope you can join us.

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