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Pragmatic Data Governance Webinar Series Continues

February 25, 2020 - IData continues its Pragmatic Data Governance Webinar Series with informative sessions planned for March and April.

The upcoming webinars are:

Data Governance Best Practices on March 19th at 2pm Eastern

We'll share what it has learned in its many years of providing data governance solutions and services to organizations, in this high level summary of data governance best practices. Just getting started with data governance? Want to learn more about data governance? Or need to restart your data governance initiative? Then this is the webinar session for you.

Where is My Data? Creating a Data System Inventory on April 21st at 2pm Eastern

Data is everywhere and the number of new data systems at organizations keeps growing every year. This webinar will discuss the types of data systems used by an organization, where they are located, and how the data is accessed. We will discuss elements of a good data system inventory, and best practices for tracking your data.

Join us for these informative sessions and you can register at

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