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Upcoming Webinar on Integration with SAP Concur Solutions Made Easier

March 12, 2019 - IData Inc. continues its commitment to making integration easier for higher education institutions by co-presenting with SAP Concur on an upcoming webinar titled "Integrate SAP Concur Solutions and Your Institution’s ERP. Easily". This session is intended for institutions who want to learn how pre-built connectors intuitively integrate SAP Concur solutions with their ERP system. Webinar is on Thursday, March 28th at 2pm Eastern.

There are 3 connectors available: Expense, Invoice and Request/Encumbrance. These connectors are fully automated and provide bi-directional integration along with pre-packaged data mappings. Data translations, configurable options, data validation as well as error handing, notifications and monitoring are part of the connector's package. The various integration connectors will leverage SAP Concur data and will be available to clients via the SAP Concur App Center.

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